Constructor Group

Constructor Group

The front of the existing warehouse, with Space just about to get started and stuck in!

On site

Space are on site.


Warehouse staff cabins are installed.


Site cabins are installed.


Staff have packed up and Space are in to de-IT and move them to temporary office.


The tornado unit in the warehouse is moved by Constructor.

Empty Space

Furniture is removed and demolition begins!


Power and lighting isolations and ceilings stripped out and wall linings removed.


First floor ceiling removed - time to begin carefully removing the cabling mess left behind.


Segregation installed between warehouse and site areas to help control the dust.


Asbestos removal is underway, site areas are restricted.


Dig to the front for new drainage feeds.

Room partitions

1st floor toilets/ kitchen / store room partitions stripped out.

Open Space

1st floor looking bare.


The old cabling is being stripped out.

Clearing Out

Lots of rubbish to segregate and clear out.


1st floor demo progress.

Asbestos Works

Main entrance area sealed for the duration of the asbestos works to keep everyone safe.

Demolition Crew

Area by front roller-shutter cleared by the demolition crew.

Boiler Romoved

Old boiler removed.

Drainage Connection

Front trench is filled back in with drainage connections ready to be ran into building in new locations and temporary water feed lagged.

Mezzanine floor

Mezzanine floor cleared ready to be removed.

Taking apart

Mezzanine floor cleared ready for the old water tank to be removed and then the whole floor itself can be taken apart.

Clean Up

Cleaned up area following asbestos removal.

New Concrete

New concrete base is poured to side of building for new AC condensers.

Concrete Base

Existing concrete base cleared ready for the bike rack.

Bare concrete

Old shower room floor cleared of all asbestos and returned to bare concrete.

Asbestos Skip

Big yellow asbestos skip filled already for the safe removal from site

Asbestos safely removed

Main corridor also returned to bare concrete and all asbestos safely removed.

Asbestos packers

Central block wall ready for Asbestos packers to be removed.

Fibre intake cupboard

Old fibre intake cupboard ready to remove once BT are complete.

Boards removed

Old board room moved.

Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine floor removed to expose new demo area.


Old warehouse office fully stripped.


Demolition nearly complete.

Bare Warehouse

Demolition complete and back to a bare warehouse.

Diamond Drilled

Concrete is diamond drilled ready for the piling teams Auger to drill out.

Diamond Drilled

Concrete is diamond drilled ready for the piling teams Auger to drill out.

Steel Piling

Steel piling encasements are delivered to site.

Steel Piling

Steel piling encasements are delivered to site.

Piling Rig Arrives

Piling Rig arrives on site ready to commence works.

Piling Rig Bores

Piling Rig bores a hole to make way for the piling encasements.

Thick Clay and Mud

The thick clay and mud are no match for the piling Rig!

Steel Encasement

Steel encasements being driven into the ground with ½ metric tonne pile.


DPM in place around piling cap ready for the concrete to be poured.

Steel Cage

Steel cage to be encased in concrete on the piling cap for reinforcement.

Fixing Points

Fixing points for first floor A.C units and containment being installed.

Cladding Stripped.

Old cladding is stripped off.

AC units

AC units and containment going up ready for the first floor.


Demo area fireboard and insulation going up.

Steel Beam

New steel beam is installed along the front perimeter for the new Mezz.


Cladding finished on the front elevation.

Steel Works

Steel works fully installed ready for the mezzanine floor.

Brick Work

Brickwork to front elevation complete.

New Windows

New windows are created to break out area.

New Side Window

New side window is cut in and trimmed.

Side Windows

New side window and grill locations for are cut in.

Duct Works

New ductwork for fresh air is being installed.

New Pad Stones

New pad stones are cut in.


New doorway and window opening to warehouse office are cut into block wall.

Pad Stones Ready For Mezzanine

New pad stones are in all ready for the Mezzanine to be installed.

PIR Insulation

PIR Insulation is being fitted to the front elevation.


Fresh air ductwork is first fixed high level.


Insulation is nearly complete to the front elevation covering all beams and purlins.


Mezzanine floor is being installed this photo shows the main steel beams and the joists that will hold up the floor.


Steel plates welded into the web of the building steels for strength.

Roller Shutter

Old roller shutter has been removed to make way for the new one.

Mezz Floor

Mezz floor at the beginning of the weekend, purlins ready to go in.

Timber Deck

Timber deck beginning to be laid.

Purlins Fully Completed

Purlins fully installed on Saturday.

Roller Shutter

Roller shutter fully installed over the weekend, looking nice in the goosewing grey, a definite improvement on the old one!

Timber Deck

Timber deck filly laid in one bay ready to be fire lined.

Ready To Be Fire Lined

Timber deck filly laid in one bay ready to be fire lined.

Built and Taped

Recesses built and Tape and Jointing underway.

Ceiling Grid

1st floor ceiling grid going in.

Jumbo Wall

Tape and jointing to the jumbo wall in warehouse.

Ground Floor

1st fix Mechanical going in to ground floor ceiling void.

Front Elevation

The new windows are in to the front elevation.


Ceiling grid edging going up on the Mezzanine.

AC Units

AC Units attached to ducting.

AC Units

AC Units attached to ducting.


Stairwell taping and jointing completed.

Demo Area

Wall in the demo area going up.

Mezzanine Floor

Celling grid up on Mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine Floor

Ceiling grid up on Mezzanine floor.


Insulation going into walls.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm First fix installed.

Sealed Over

Piling caps sealed over.

Coat Applied

First coat applied on mezzanine floor.


Window reveals trimmed back ready for window sills.

Ceiling Grid

AC Units put in place in the ceiling grid.

Design Area

Design area first coat applied.


Pluming first fix finished and sealed in wall.


Electrical first fix in place.

Office Walls

Office walls built on mezzanine ready for electrical first fix.

Ground Floor

First coat applied on ground floor.

Ready For Painting

1st floor office are taped and jointed ready for painting.

1st Floor Offices

1st floor offices are in place including the half Height Wall.

Window Reveals

Window reveals made up ready for sills to be put in place.


Data first fix nearing completion.


Stairwell is painted in anticipation of the new staircase.

A.C Units

A.C units begin the process of being pressure tested to 35Bar.


Electrical first fix completed in T-point.

T- Point

Pipes through in the T-point.


Pipes ready for the shower.

Drying Room

Drying room built taped and jointed.

Feature Window

Feature window boarded out.

IM Seals

Electrical back boxes installed with IM seals for fire protection.

Comms Room

Data first fix completed back to the comms room.

Door Frames

Door frames are installed on 1st floor .

Boxed In

Toilet Cisterns installed ready to be boxed in.


Lights being installed on 1st floor

AC Units

AC units all installed.

Window Boards

Windows are prepped for the window boards to go in place.

New Specification

Half Height printer wall built to new specification.

1st Floor

1st floor offices receive another coat of paint.

1st Floor

1st floor offices receive another coat of paint.

Water Pipes

Water pipes for showers and tap feeds are in place in the toilets.


AC is now on and heating is working.

Fire Curtain

Fire curtain installed on 1st floor.

Toilet Cisterns

Boxing installed for the toilet cisterns.

Ceiling Tin

Ceiling tin installed ready for ceiling to be built.

Liquid DPM

Liquid DPM is applied to the floor in the corridor and tea point to prep it for flooring.


New entrance door is fully installed.

Liquid DPM

Liquid DPM is applied to the floor in the Gents toilets to prep it for flooring.


Latex is applied to the floor in the ladies toilets to prep it for flooring.


Latex is applied to the floor in the corridor and tea point to prep it for flooring.


Door begin to be installed on site.


Flooring goes down in the tea point

Demo Space

Walls in the demo space are painted white.

Client Area

Client area tea point floor is prepped.


Staircase begins installation.

Gents Toilets

Flooring is installed in the gents toilets .


Carpet fitted on the first floor offices.

Window Seat

Window seat feature prepped for final coat of paint


Carpet completed on mezzanine floor.

Design Area

Design area now carpet is finished.

Rear Staircase

Rear staircase repainted and carpeted.

Ceiling Installed

Ceiling installed bottom of rear stairs.


Lights on in the toilets.

Shower Room

Drivers shower room and toilet ready for tiling.


Tea point wall given second coat of blue paint.


Main tea point second fixed and tile splashback installed.


Toilet cubicles installed.

Staircase Finished

Staircase finished re-painted and bulkhead installed.

Demo Area

Doors are installed in the demo area.

New Store Room

Floor in new store room painted.

Access Control

Fire alarm and access control second fix begins.

Tiling Finished

Tiling finished in the shower rooms and non-slip vinyl fitted.

Ground Floor

Ground floor cleared and prepped ready for T.Vs to be installed in meeting rooms.


Showers are installed and cleaned.

T-Point Finished

Tea point finished and cleaned and Under cabinet lights fitted.

T-Point Finished

Tea point finished and cleaned and Under cabinet lights fitted.

1st Floor

First floor cleaned ready for furniture


First floor cleaned ready for furniture

Demo Area

Resin flooring laid in the Demo area.