Saga London


This is one of our two projects for Saga. Take a look through the timeline for our London project for Saga...

Site Entrance

Site entrance is protected and ready for the works to begin!

Site Office

Site office is erect!

Site Office

Site office is looking organised!


Toilets are protected!

Tidy Site

North side, cutting back of rafts, floor boxes and grommets installed.

Tidy Site

South west side fix dry lining and electrical.

Tidy Site

North west side, first fix dry lining underway and rubbish storage area.

Organised site!

South side, first fix dry lining underway.

Tidy Site

South side, first fix dry lining under way.


Dry lining metal on ground installed for raft alterations and to install wall to soffit.

Tea Point

Tea Point walls first fix.

Executive Walls

Executive office walls first fixed, rafts cut back, mechanical attenuators installed for tight dry lining cuts.

Executive Office

Internal of executive office.


Storeroom is coming together nicely!




Last lengths of electrac going in.

Comms Room

Comms room with cabinet installed.

First Fix Electrical

First fix electrical and data within walls almost complete. Walls closed up where possible.