Specialist Sports

Before Space Arrived

Site before we get started

Site Set-Up

Site set-up

1st Floor Carpets

Carpet is lifted to 1st floor.

Demolition - Gents Toilets

Demolition to the gents toilet.

Ground Floor Works

AC cassettes and tray work installed to ground floor


Plasterboard delivery

Opening Up

Gents and disabled are opened up

First Fix

First fix AC pipework and ground work to new condenser base

New Reception Doorway

New reception doorway opening is formed

New Condenser Base

New condenser base is poured.

First Fix - Ground Floor

First fix AC to ground floor is complete

Directors Office

First fix electrics to Directors office

New Partitions - First Floor Meeting Room

New partitions are in to 1st floor meeting rooms

New Partitions - First Floor Meeting Room

New partitions are in to 1st floor meeting rooms

New Shower Tray

New disabled shower tray is installed.

Modified Drainage

Modified drainage to the gents and disabled toilets/shower.

New Condensers

New condensers are located onto the new base.

New Partitions- Ground Floor

New partitions to the ground floor are being installed.

Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine floor during installation.

Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Complete.

Fire Line Boards

Fire line boards to underside of mezz.

New Partitions

New partitions erected to create disabled WC / shower room.

Fire Line Boarding

Fire line boarding to underside of mezz complete.


Tea point TV power first fix.

T-Point Pipe Work

T-point pipe work and power first fixed.

Stud Partitions

Stud partitions being erected to from fronts of offices below mezzanine.

Fire Line Box

Fire line box ins to mezzanine horizontal steels.

Male / Disable WC

Male / disable WC dividing partition complete.

Shower Room

Waste and water feeds in place for shower room.


Partitions VP cut out.

Tape & Jointing

Tape & jointing to underside of mezzanine.

Tape & Jointing

Tape & jointing to shower room exterior skin.

Mezzanine Boards

Double stacked partitions up to mezzanine boards.

Partitions Complete

Partitions complete on one side/ ready for data, power and AV first fix,

Sample / Stock Room Partitions

Sample / stock room partitions - 1 side complete ready for power/ data first fix.

Photography Room Partitions

Photography room partitions - 1 side complete ready for power first fix.

Water Supply - First fix

First fix water supply for unisex shower 1.

Water Supply - Shower 2

First fix water supply to shower 2.

Accessible Shower

Accessible shower room first fix water supply for shower.

First Fix

First fix water supply for accessible DocM pack WC - close coupled cistern.

Kitchen Wall

Tape & jointed to kitchen wall complete.

Breakout Area

Tape & jointing to breakout area.

Recreation Room

Tape & jointing to recreation room complete.


Island tv wall being built.

Data Cables

Data cabling to first floor office.

Pipe Work

Lagging to make wc pipe work.

Ceiling Pipes

Lagging to above ceiling pipes in accessible wc.

Data Route

Data route holes drilled through slab.

Teapoint Pipes

Lagging to first floor teapoint pipes.

Ground Floor Kitchen

Ground floor kitchen underway.

Corridor Containment

Corridor containment in.

1st Floor T-Point

First floor tea point underway.

Island Wall

Island wall and tv recess complete.


Tiling to accessible wc underway.

Tiling Complete

Tiling complete to smaller shower room.

Ground Floor Corridor

Data and containment up in ground floor corridor.

Sink Installed

Sink installed to ground floor kitchen.

Hob Installed

Hob installed to ground floor kitchen.

Shower Room

Shower room av cabling to island wall.

Ceiling Grid Installed

Ceiling grid installed to accessible wc.

Breakfast Bar Complete

Breakfast bar complete in ground floor kitchen.

Fire Stopping

Fire stopping underway in male WC.

Fire Collars

Fire collars added where necessary.

Sub Floor Preparation

Sub floor preparation to all shower rooms.

Sub Floor Preparation

Sub floor preparation to shower room and ground floor breakout area expansion joints.

Vinyl Installation

Vinyl installation to shower rooms and male WC.

Latex Screens

Latex screens to ground floor kitchen for sub floor prep.

Mezzanine Steel Base

Mezzanine steel base over chase DPM coated ready for filling.

Architrave Installed

Architrave installed at high level to conceal mezzanine chipboard.


Latex screed to showroom for sub floor prep.

First Floor Office

First floor office colour blue complete.

First Floor Office Colour

First floor office colour yellow complete.

Concealed Cisterns

Concealed cisterns to make WC installed with water feed.

External Extraction

External extraction point installed.

Male Cubicle

Male cubicle extract and ducting installed.

AC Control Panel

AC control panels installed.

Unisex Shower

Small/ unisex shower installed.

Medium Unisex Shower

Medium unisex shower installed including towel rail.

IPS Panels

IPS panels and cubicle reinstall.