The Thinking Traveller

Existing Furniture

Comms Room Existing furniture removed.

Existing Power & Data

Existing Power & Data striped out including exiting comms cab

Existing Coffer Ceiling

Making Good to existing coffer ceiling

Box Power Installed

Chasing into solid floor complete ready for floor box power install

Complete Chasing

More complete chasing

New Partitions

Installation of new partition studwork installed

Material Delivery

Making good to base build walls & Material delivery for new partitions

Strip Out

Stripping out existing vinyl wallpaper


1st Fix Plumbing to new tea point


Data Cables in position ready for when floor containment arrives.


First coat on the partitions from the taping and jointers.


Power cable in position ready for when floor containment arrives.

Tea Point

Existing tea point removed and existing wall made good.


Tape and jointing completed to new partitions ready for decorations.


Decorations to phone booths and storage rooms.


Glazing track being installed.

Floor Containment

Floor containment starting going in and first fix to floor boxes.

Floor Preparation

More latex to floor in preparation for vinyl flooring.

Floor Containment

Floor containment complete and floor boxes now first fixed.

Data Cables

Data cables first fixed to floor box locations.