Dyer & Butler

Dyer & Butler

Dyer & Butler build, maintain and renew infrastructure within both the public and private sector, delivering civil engineering and building projects of all sizes, throughout England and Wales. They required more desks and desperate revamp! Before starting their 3 phases of the Nursling project, we completed their Romsey office. This is phase 1 of Nursling office.

Welfare Area

Temporary welfare areas is set up and old carpet is lifted.

Carpet is gone...

Carpet to the main office area is lifted.

The wall is gone...

Removing the wall has really opened up the space already!

First fix

First fix alterations are made to the perimeter small power and data.

Meeting Room

The old partition is taken down to the meeting room.


Now its cleared back the new partition details can be created to form a door opening and glass partition.

Reprographics Room

The second wall is out in the reprographics area.

Ceiling is gone...

The ceiling has been taken down to allow for the old walls to be removed and will be re-installed as one whole ceiling.


The floor chases are done ready for the floor-boxes to be installed.

Meeting Room

The new face to the meeting room is formed with the doorway now to the right. There will be a glass partition installed in this area.

Transport area

The new ceiling grid to the transport area is going up.


The data install is underway and the new face plates are fitted to match the power sockets.


The new partition is built between the transport area and reprographics area.


The ceiling grid is complete and ready to re-fit the lighting and ceiling tiles.

Hot Desk

The floor boxes are installed to the hot desk area.


The HDMI and power is in place for the TV location and ply re-enforcement is cut into the wall to hang the TV from.


Tape & jointing has begun to the new partitions.

Door Frames

The door frames are installed and the architraves and skirting's are fixed in place to the new partition.

Transport Managers Area

The base units and worktop to the Transport Managers area are fitted, and protected!

Ceiling Grid

The lighting is re-positioned to the new ceiling grid, as are the smoke detectors.

Which one?

Glazing track installed and floor box chase is filled in. Plus some colour samples on the wall for a client decision.

Walnut door

The walnut veneer doors are fitted

Glass partition

The glass partition is installed to the meeting room.

Open plan

The main open plan area is decorated.

Main area

Main area decorated ready flooring.

Almost time for the carpet...

Latex Screed is applied to the sub-floor to level out prior to carpet fitting

Transport room

The partition at the end of the transport team room is decorated and carpet tiles are delivered to site


Area of flooring cordoned off and tackifier is applied ready for the carpet

A dash of blue!

The blue wall is painted to the back of the meeting room


Carpet is being laid to the main open plan area – the protection will be gone at completion!


Carpet had been laid to the Transport Team room.


The spur shelving is fitted and the carpet laid in the reprographics/ store area.

Open plan

Main open plan area following the carpet install


Manifestation is applied to the meeting room glass


Desking installed to the main office.


Desks are installed into the main office


Desks, partition screens and chairs are all in!

Transport team room

The transport team room desks are installed.

Store wall

The store wall is fitted behind the buying teams desks.

Meeting room

The meeting room table is installed.

Informal meeting space

The informal meeting space next to the hot desks.

Almost ready...

The site is cleared of all protection ready for handover.


Today is handover day!


Handover day is today! Everything is looking great!


Transport team area ready for handover!