Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy

ASSA ABLOY Hospitality has been an industry pioneer and world leading brand for forty years. They now serve over five million guestrooms every day, in hotels, hospitals, schools, cruise ships, work places and wherever people sleep away from home.They are taking a new office space in Reading and asked Space & Solutions to design and build a new, slick office space for them.

Ceilings and Carpets

The ceilings and carpets are gone!

Winters coming...

Temporary festoon lighting is also put up to help with these approaching cold, dark evenings


Existing floor-boxes are relocated to suit the new layout


Industrial looking ceiling... don't worry it's not finished yet!

Let there be light!

Cabling for the new lighting is being installed


Ceiling fixers begin to straighten out and support the VAV grills before fixing the grid

Ceiling grid

The ceiling grid is going up


The new mains distribution board to feed the floor-space is fitted withing the Comms Room area

A package has arrived...

Ceiling tiles are delivered


The first of the metal studwork is delivered ready to begin building some walls

Partitioning coming soon...

First lengths of head-track go on as we begin to build the partitions

Air Con

The AC unit is fixed up in the comms room next to the new distribution board. The pipework is ran to the roof to connect up to the condenser.


The boardroom and entrance area begins to take formation


The 3.6M lengths of plasterboard are loaded into site. Not your standard size board which pleases the humpers who loaded it in!!

Raise the roof!

Work begins on the feature raft ceiling to the entrance. This will be a suspended MF ceiling hung from the slab above the grid ceiling.

First fix

First fix electric is installed into the engineers workshop and for the tea-point the other side


The boardroom base units are installed. These will be completed with a solid surface quartz stone worktop.

Tea point

The tea-point units are being installed - not long until we can all have a hot cuppa.

Tea point

The new American fridge is delivered, along with the dishwasher. Unfortunately no beers in it yet......but give it time.

Tea point

And we're done! Just kidding... beginning to take shape though. The units and worktop are all in, walls jointed and awaiting the glass splashback


The tea-point units and worktop are all in, walls jointed and awaiting the glass splashback

Comms rack

Looking good...

Open plan

Warning! WET PAINT


Flooring completed between the breakfast bar and the tea-point units

Tea point

The HDC Vinyl is laid to the tea-point area


Gorgeous blue for Assa Abloy!


Flooring is going down...


Lights have been fitted into the tea point.


Its crazy how a few small lights can make such a huge difference!

Kitchen worktop

Kitchen worktop is in!! Love it!

Almost there...

Coming together nicely!

Store wall

Store walls are in - great use of storage and space!


Looking good!


The TV's are now ready to go in!

Map wall

Great feature wall in place!

Final bits

Final bits are coming together nicely...


The 'cuisine' stencil is applied to the tea point wall


Furniture is beginning to go in!

Open plan

Open plan office is the way forward. Looking sleek and clean!

Tea point

Tea point is finished! Tea anyone?


The boardroom is finished with TV's and furniture in place