Clearcast are best known for clearing ads. In the UK, broadcasters aren’t allowed to show ads that are misleading, harmful or offensive. Take a look through the project timeline to see how it's coming along.

Site bins

Site bins have arrived on site to clear all the rubbish.

Work started

Day 1 on site at Clearcast. Works started on the ground floor.

Site office

Constructing temporary site office and meeting room.

Welfare area

The all important welfare area has been set up so we can have a cup of tea!

Stud work

Stud work being erected to form ground floor partitions.

Banquette seating area

Lining out the the walls and columns to form ground floor banquette seating area.

Duct work

Working around existing duct work.


First fix plumbing and lining out for ground floor t-point.

TV recess

The TV recess in the training room has been formed.

Brick slips

Brick slips to the t-point are being stuck on the wall.

Ceiling and feature recess

Ceiling and feature recess on the third floor are underway.

TV recess

TV recess has been decorated.


Ground floor t-point units have been installed.

Copy point

The second floor office area has a new copy point with low level storage.


New partitions on third floor to create separate office and meeting space.


New feature flooring in herringbone style.

Small t-point

Small t-point installed in sublet area.


Banquette seating now in place.


Ground floor t-point with feature worktop to match the door finish.


Training room TV installed.


Dim-out blinds are now ready for use.

Storage unit

Bespoke storage unit in finish to match door laminate.


Ground floor t-point now complete including feature bar.


Ground floor meeting room with feature manifestation.


Wall signage has been stenciled on.


Feature recess to 3rd floor reception area.

Reception desk

Reception desk and feature wall are completed.