Fenchurch Law

Fenchurch Law

Fenchurch require a space that encourages collaboration and offers staff an agile working environment in order to perform certain tasks to the best of their ability. The overall aesthetic of the workspace should tie into the company branding, be simple, sleek and uncluttered with a ‘boutique hotel’ feel.

Before the work starts...

Blank space all ready to go!

Before the work begins...

3000sqft of open space ready to be transformed!

Before the work starts...

The "before"


The divide wall in the boardroom being installed.

Half height wall

The half height wall has been placed in the main entrance. This is a great way of dividing the space but keeping the open plan!

Half height wall

The half height wall is coming together and the rest of the space is beginning to take some shape.

Comms room

The new comms room is being installed.


The entrance wall to the small meeting room has been erected.

Open space

The half wall really opens up this space. Love it!


The taping and jointing has started!

Meeting room

The walnut door to the meeting room has been installed. Love this!


The glazing to the meeting room is in!

Reprographics Area

Reprographics area is installed - very slick.


T-Point has had a delivery...


The T-Point has been installed! Complete with white tiling.


New laminate flooring is in for the T-Point

Store wall

Full height store wall has been fitted into the open plan space.


Half height paneling is being installed.

Board room

The board room paneling are well on there way... I can see a pattern emerging here.

Add some paint...

It's amazing what a lick of paint can do!

...and some more paint.

Half height wall in the same navy.


The new vintage spider pendant is in.


The new bespoke walnut & oak bookshelf looks amazing under the pendant lighting!

Half height wall

Half height wall paneling is completed and painted.


Boardroom wall paneling is completed and painted.


The desk, chair and screens are in!

Open plan

The open space plan includes individual desks, a store wall and a half height wall. A great way to incorporate a social, productive, organised way of working!

Open plan

A view of the desks...

Break out area

Adding a table underneath the feature lighting really adds character, especially with those chairs!


A combination of the table, chairs, book case and lighting... LOVE IT!


Why have one style of chair when you can have two?


Storage is placed at the end of the desks... to get rid of all that clutter!

Desk lamp

Private lamps, so you don't disturb anyone else!

Open space

...complete with half height wall and Fenchurch Law's navy colour scheme.


The walnut door really compliments the navy blue!

Break out area

New break out area / informal meeting area!

Break out area

a view from the board room...


The furniture is in and looking very smart!

Reception area

Final bits are now in and the reception area is in - complete with the Fenchurch Law sign!

Bespoke bookcase

The bespoke bookcase is being used! - Looks fab.


The final touches are being added...