Innovation Group

Initial consultation

1insurer are a global company with offices in North America, Europe and Australia. They are part of the Innovation Group range of products and services. They have specialised in the insurance sector for over 25 years . We are part of the 1insurer launch from the innovation group premises, creating their own new home on the first floor of Forum four on the Solent Business Park in Hampshire. Let the fun begin!

Site set up!

Before the fun begins...

Site set up

Before the fun begins...

Site set up

Before the fun begins...

Site set up

Before the fun begins...

Work begins!

Main entrance - Corex is up so the completed project will be a huge surprise!

Work begins!

First job... we need to remove this old carpet!

Electrical Track

Now that the electrical track is down, we can start connecting the floor boxes to it. Also, we have our first wall taking shape!

Tea point

The water and power supplies for the tea point are in, now we can board this wall up ready to install the kitchen units.

Tea point

The power for the tea point is first fixed, these sockets will eventually be cut into the splash back


insulation has started going into the walls today! We don't want those poor walls getting cold now do we? 😉

Tea point progress

Our first fully boarded wall! The next job will be tape & jointing to prepare for painting

Tea point / Meeting room

This wall has been tape & jointed and is ready for painting


This wall has been tape & jointed and is ready to be painted!

Partition progress

The comms room and store have been T&J. The data cables have been first fixed and are ready to go into the comms room once decorations have been completed.

Tea point

The tea point is starting to take shape, although something is missing... The kettle!


The prayer room is ready for the wudu to be installed.

Floating worktop

Here we have the floating worktop in the demo room... It's held up my magic 😉


Splashback is in!

Looking good!

Everything is beginning to take shape now...


Mate, the Wudu mate has been installed... mate


The demo equipment has arrived and has been installed ready to be shown off to clients

Twin TV's

The twin 55inch TV's are looking impressive in the demo room!

Meeting room

The 8 person meeting room is completed and ready to go!

Take a break...

If you want to get away from the stress and noise of the office then this is the place to come to!

MD's office

The managing directors office is completed.

Hot desk

The hot desk is looking hot hot hot!

A view from the outside...

A view from the demo room from above!

Tea point

The tea point is finished! Now lets make that well deserved cuppa tea!


The Tea point furniture was an inspired choice, well done decisions makers!

Just one thing missing...

Now all that's left to do is wait for the pool table!

Product Development

Head of Product Development


We have manifestation on glass and it looks better than first imagined!


The entrance to a new world...


The curves are finished, complete with the innovation wave!

Cloak store wall

A brief summary