27 Mar SPACE Company Update

‘Business as usual’ well not quite.  None of our lives right now are what can be considered normal. For many of us this COVID-19 pandemic has pressed pause on life as we knew it and has made us approach things in different ways. 

Here at SPACE , the majority of us are working remotely. As creators of both motivating and inspiring professional spaces it’s somewhat out of the ordinary for us not to be working from the comfort of our own workspaces, but instead working from the comfort of our own homes. However, great technology connects us all daily and the sense of collaboration and positivity amongst our staff, our clients and our sub-contractors has been truly uplifting. 

We all have a shared desire for this tangible isolation to end and for our lives to return to normal. Our workspaces await us, they want to be filled with our teams and our teams need to get back to all of the things that make our offices great spaces to work in.

Whilst we are all working remotely it’s a good opportunity to take stock and evaluate what our future workspaces will look like – let’s make them better places to be.

Please reach out to us, and tap into our knowledge and experience to help shape your thoughts.  We’re happy to offer free advice and discuss any aspects of your office design with you – there’s no catch and no obligation it’s just a great opportunity for us all to stay socially connected and use our time proactively.

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