2 years at SPACE!…

We have another two work anniversaries this week!

Lauren Garreau one of our Technical Designers and Jason Webb one of our Project Finance Team are both celebrating two years at Space! Congratulations and a big thank you for all of your hard work! ????????

Rapid7 – We’ve started on site!

Today marks the first day on-site for our 49,000 sqft office fit-out at Chichester House in the City of Belfast for global cybersecurity firm Rapid7. We’re honoured to be working for such a great client and alongside Lambert Smith Hampton and IA Interior Architects on this fantastic project, which we’ve been working on continuously throughout the epidemic to ensure this smooth start today.

World Environment Day

“Happy World environment day! ???? Today we reflect on the many impacts we have on our environment and what we can all do to limit these contributions. As a team, we are looking at different ways of recycling, reusing and reducing our waste to better protect our environment. ♻️What will you do to help the planet?” ????

Working from home…

So we are coming to the end of week 6 of lockdown and it feels like forever. I never thought I’d say this but I miss my daily commute to London on the train with my fellow passengers all in our own little worlds. I wonder when all this is over if that will change… hopefully conversations will start with these people we see every day and normally just nod and smile but maybe we will have learnt during this period of staying at home that it’s good to talk. 

I like to talk and although I have been unable to converse in person with my work colleagues, family and friends having the wonderful technology available to us means I have been able to… what would we do without video-conferencing!! Not good though when someone books a VC at the last minute and I haven’t done my hair or makeup!! But all this has given us a new sense of camaraderie, we are all affected in the same way and we are in this together.

Even though I am lucky enough to still be working and able to easily from home, I am also using this time to reflect and to think about when we get through this  how different our lives might be; we will likely need to change the way we have been used to doing things and adapt. So I see this time as a real opportunity for creativity and exploration.  My inspiration is coming from the lovely Spring time weather, to see everything bursting into life and the birds singing their joyful songs, it signifies new beginnings. I am fortunate to live in a rural area and have a garden (which I don’t usually see much of) but it is helping me to consider being  kinder to myself and to be thankful I have good health which at this time we all need to be grateful for. 

If I was told I could take one thing back to the office when we are allowed back it would be this… to take my garden with me and re-create that “Spring feeling”, to provide a positive and stimulating environment which will make us all smile and adapt to new beginnings…

Amanda Fries (Group Operations Director)

It’s our Birthday!

Today marks SPACE’s 12 Year Anniversary!

Our success is down to the hard work of everyone within our team, to our loyal suppliers, our hard working sub-contractors as well as to all of our incredible clients over the years. We couldn’t let today go without showing our appreciation!

We greatly value you all… and thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way!

We’re now looking forward to the next 12!

Earth Day 2020!

Today at SPACE we’re all thinking carefully about the impact we have on the planet. We’re encouraging everyone to do the simple things like; turning off the lights and other electrical equipment when not in use… recycling, reducing and reusing everything we can, and to always be aware of our negative impact on the planet ????????

Our weekly round-up….

Space has continued to remain busy over the past few weeks – just in the past week we’ve achieved the following due to the continued and outstanding professionalism and commitment of our team:

  • 67 Telephone conferences
  • 33 Video conferences
  • 2 Virtual new client meetings
  • 3 Client presentations via Zoom
  • 2 Live projects on site

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

A vision of home working

With the recent pandemic, lots of us have been fortunate enough to work from home. Whilst working from home may be seen as a bit of a luxury, I can’t tell you what I would give to be back in the office! Working from home has made me appreciate the space I work in and it has made me realise how much I took advantage of having routine in my life. I do miss our ‘South Office’ but I’m deciding to take away the positives of this experience and being thankful of what I have learnt; time management, structure, self-motivation and having the ability to switch off – which is a skill on its own as I am living and working in the same space.

My top tips to make working from home a success!

  • Keep to your usual working hours, this wont throw your body clock off when you go back to work
  • EXERCISE, not only for the physical benefits… it really helps clear your mind!
  • Continue to schedule breaks in – this will break up the day and will keep things as normal as possible for you.
  • Still get up, shower, brush your teeth, get dressed – this will automatically make you feel more productive and ready for the day!

Frankie, Contracts Administrator for SPACE and SCAPE

Today’s London Landscape…

I’m currently working on a project in the capital for a client whose offices are considered of Government importance so we’re carrying our work for them in these very different times…

When I was asked to continue so we could get this project completed I thought I was missing out – the majority of my colleagues were told to work from home but within days, the majority started to struggle. I’ve come to realise that what I love most about my job is the hustle and bustle of site, the contractors, the different locations and the constantly different situations I find myself in every single day.  It’s made me appreciate my job and the working environment it provides.

At the moment the difference we’re feeling isn’t on site; as we’re business as usual; albeit with extra levels of protection and control measures that we’re all taking to protect ourselves and each other, it’s outside – walking outside at the end of the day is when the reality hits you and you realise how serious this issue is, Central London is a ghost town and it is the most bizarre feeling ever.

I don’t think I will ever take my job for granted again!

Zac, Project Manager for SPACE