Our goal is to truly understand what environment will help boost your team’s energy, productivity and happiness. Life and work are intrinsically linked so creating a place that people want to come to has never been more important.

People are at the heart of everything we do. We value every individual for the expertise they bring. We collectively work to a shared set of values and ethics which in turn unleashes creativity, champions fresh thinking and solution-oriented ideas.

Creating a workspace that reflects your brand

As expert office designers, one of our goals at SPACE is to ensure that everyone knows exactly what your brand is all about from...

What matters here at SPACE?

The secret to any great business is having a strong company culture that permeates through all levels. Because of this, we’ve worked hard to...

What does remote working mean for office design?

COVID-19 has changed the world of work more than anyone would have thought imaginable over the past couple of years. More of us are...

What are the Luxurious Modern Office Interior Design Trends of 2021?

Working in the interior fit out industry, we see new office design trends emerging every year, with business owners and landlords on a mission...

Why is Interior Design so Important?

Interior design is often thought of as a way to improve the aesthetics of an office space; to make it look nice, to provide...

Can Office Interior Designs Boost Post-Pandemic Workflow & Productivity?

Throughout the ‘remote revolution’, there’s been one burning question on most people’s lips: are we really more productive when we’re working from home? Of...
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We’re a highly experienced team who are focused on delivering exceptional client service. Our team is trustworthy, dynamic, youthful in mind-set and fun to be around.

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