By 2025, 27% of the workforce will be made up of Gen Z. A changing of the guard of sorts, it is imperative for employers to create workspaces tailored to this unique section of the population.

In comparison to the generations that came before them, Gen Z are technologically savvy individuals who crave freedom and flexibility – which they want their employers and workspaces to provide.

To attract more Gen Z talent to your company, you’ll need to think carefully about office design. This is a cohort that loves to collaborate and communicate. As digital natives, Gen Z embraces technology and expects the convenience it provides, but they’re also socially conscious and desire workplaces that are sustainable and make a positive contribution to wellness. To attract versatile, multi-talented candidates from this generation, make smart office design your secret sauce.

Focus on Providing a Flexible Office Environment

Many Gen Z professionals are entering the workforce after the pandemic, where hybrid and remote working has become the ‘new normal’. Asking these individuals to commit to a traditional, structured workplace model may be a hard sell so providing opportunities for flexibility within the office is key.

This may mean downsizing your space as fewer people work in the office on a daily basis, or implementing a hotdesking protocol to maximize desk space for those heading in.

Create a Mix of Communal and Private Workspaces

Although Gen Z is a very hardworking, independent, and career-driven generation, employees within this age group also hugely appreciate opportunities to collaborate and share ideas with their peers.

In a perfect office, there would be a mix of areas for collaborative and personal work. Having dedicated booths and meeting rooms for one-on-one calls and distraction-free working is just as important as having large conference spaces and open-plan desk set-ups for those who want to complete tasks as a team.

Pay Attention to Mental Health in The Office

One thing that Gen Z cares a lot about is mental health. Whereas for previous generations, discussing mental health at work would be a taboo subject that was rarely spoken about openly, younger generations are keen to embrace these uncomfortable conversations in all environments.

Looking after your employees’ mental health goes beyond offering guidance and support. It can also mean making changes to your office design. Focusing on natural lighting is important, as well as providing wellness rooms, and peaceful areas where people can retreat when they’re feeling stressed. Greenery and living walls can also create calming and tranquil spaces, while also helping to solidify your commitment to sustainability.

Be Smart About Technology in Office Design

Gen Z has grown up with technology. This can make it difficult for young professionals who find themselves embarking on careers with companies that don’t keep up with the times and embrace the latest technological advancements at every opportunity.

From pioneering a paperless office to offering high-tech tablets, desktop computers, and interactive screens, it’s important to show your Gen Z talent that you can offer them an efficient and streamlined work environment. Embedding smart technology into your office design could also mean having smart or mood lighting, smart conferencing facilities, and digital access. If you wanted to go even further, you could introduce smart reservation systems for hot desk space, parking spaces or even smart furniture to improve posture and remind employees when it’s time to stand.

Design The Perfect Office Today

Attracting the right talent becomes a much easier task when you have a showstopping office.

Although the needs of Gen Z are very different from the generations that have come before them, designing an office environment that meets their needs puts a whole new generation of talent at your disposal. Speak to us today to discuss your project and learn more about how we can help you tailor your office space to a whole new generation.