The secret to any great business is having a strong company culture that permeates through all levels.

Because of this, we’ve worked hard to lead by example at SPACE and foster a culture that drives our business forward, rather than holding it back.

While we’ve been busy designing and building offices to help clients enhance staff morale, motivation and productivity, we’ve also been doing the same for our own teams.

At SPACE, we have a few core principles that we follow in all aspects of our work that have helped us to build a culture we’re proud of.

We’ve enjoyed installing our culture and values into all of our employees and clients over the years, and look forward to continuing doing so in the future.

Here are all of the things that matter to us at SPACE:

SPACE’s core values

Our whole business ethos falls on three core pillars that we personify in all aspects of our work; experience, passion and trust.

Trust is a big thing for us. Being clear, transparent and honest with both our employees and clients has made us meticulous in everything we do.

Whether we’re trying to fulfill customer requirements, or updating employees on our business plan, we believe that being completely transparent and honest is the only way to be successful.

Apart from making us one of the most trusted companies in our industry, this ethos has also helped us to always deliver on promises and never disappoint our clients.

Similarly, we use our experience to guide us through projects and management. We’re proud to be a team of expert architects, space planners, interior designers, surveyors, estimators, quantity surveyors, site managers and project managers. We push each other to be the best and never settle for average work, making each project better than the last.

Despite being in this industry for a long time (since 2008!), we have never lost our passion for the craft. Our genuine love of our work has constantly helped us to produce the standard of quality projects that both SPACE and our clients can be extremely proud of.

Our passion makes us stand out from our competitors, and has helped us to create a business built on reputation, referrals and repeat business.

Leading the industry in effective operations

We built SPACE to be the best in the industry, and at every turn we’ve pushed ourselves to be a leader in our industry for effective operations.

This involves everything from maximising client budgets, finding innovative solutions to everyday problems and achieving the best in end-user well-being.

We don’t want to be a design company that simply offers out-of-the-box solutions, instead we do everything tailored to our client’s requirements.

With an easy process, manageable deadlines and a promise to always stick to budgets, working with SPACE is a hassle-free experience.

Strong leadership team

Our leadership team is professional, dedicated and committed to producing and ensuring best-quality projects for our clients.

The determination to get the best out of everything we do sets us apart from other firms and allows us to complete work that we’re proud of -– without any compromises.

Learning is a never-ending process

We may have been building the best office spaces since 2008, but we’re still learning every single day. We don’t claim to know it all, and find that we end up learning something new from every client and expert we work with.

With a willingness to listen, we’re able to work with integrity and trust the knowledge that new people bring to our projects. We’re not too proud to take advice from someone else if it means creating a truly spectacular end product!

We are passionate about incorporating learning into all levels of our company. We invest in our staff so they can take their knowledge and expertise to the next level through learning and development.

If there’s a topic they want to know more about, or find additional qualifications that would help them improve in their role, we’ll make sure that we support them in achieving this.

The hunt for further knowledge should be rewarded, and we make sure to instil this in all areas of our business.

A safe environment to work

One of the things that we place the most importance on at SPACE is fostering an environment where staff and clients feel safe.

SPACE is a place where ideas are listened to, people are supported, and our staff and clients are given somewhere they enjoy being.