When clients enter your office, the reception area is likely the first space they will encounter, meaning it sets the tone for their entire experience. Creating a comfortable and inviting reception is key to making a positive first impression and ensuring your clients feel welcomed and at ease.

To help ensure that your reception welcomes your visitors, we’ve put together this guide to help you create an environment that reflects your company’s values and mission:

  1. Consider your brand and company culture: To ensure that your reception area aligns with your company’s brand and culture, you’ll need to refer back organisation’s values and mission statement when designing the space. For instance, if your company places a strong emphasis on sustainability, consider incorporating eco-friendly materials and plants into the reception area. On the other hand, if your company exudes a high-energy and hands-on approach, incorporating vibrant colours and contemporary furniture would be more fitting.
  2. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere: The entrance should make your clients feel at home. To achieve this, use comfortable seating, soft lighting, and warm colours. You might also want to consider adding plants and artwork to make the space feel more inviting, or a coffee or water station so guests can help themselves to a beverage while they wait.
  3. Keep the space organized and clutter-free: A cluttered and disorganized foyer can be overwhelming for visitors and staff members alike. Keep the space organised by providing ample storage for magazines, brochures, and other materials, and use a reception desk to keep paperwork and office supplies out of sight.
  4. Provide adequate seating: Your reception area should provide enough seating for all guests, regardless of how busy the space gets. Ensure that there is a mix of seating options, including chairs, sofas, and benches. Consider using modular furniture that can be rearranged to accommodate different group sizes as needed.
  5. Incorporate technology: Technology can help to make your reception area more efficient and convenient for clients. Additions such as charging stations allow for your customers to recharge their tablets and smartphones while waiting. You could also incorporate digital signage to provide up-to-date information about your company and its service. A tablet or computer will allow clients to sign in or check themselves out after their meetings conclude.
  6. Make the space accessible: Ensure that your reception area is accessible to all clients, regardless of their mobility, by using ramps or lifts as appropriate. It’s also important to create a space that’s well-lit and easy to navigate. Use signs and maps to help clients find their way around your premises.

 We specialise in designing and building workspaces with good design principles, so that you can ensure that your reception area aligns with your organisation’s values and culture. Collaborate with us to create a reception area that welcomes your visitors and reflects your company’s unique identity. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your upcoming project.