As expert office designers, one of our goals at SPACE is to ensure that everyone knows exactly what your brand is all about from the second they step through your doors.

There are many aspects of office design that can create this effect, from the colour of your walls to the layout of your desks and workspaces.

Creating a brand image is an important step for any business, but finding ways to express this in all aspects of your work can often be the biggest challenge of them all.

The goal for any brand-reflecting office is to make everyone — whether they are your employees or customers — feel like they understand your passion and vision. If they feel this, they will always be inspired and motivated in the space.

Here’s how you can create a workspace that effortlessly reflects your brand:

What is your brand?

Your brand is the sum of everything your business encapsulates, it’s the way that you portray yourself and how you try to influence people’s perceptions.

A good brand tells a story about your business. To get people to connect to this story, you must make sure that it’s relevant to the group you’re hoping to target.

You may want to appeal to a wide range of people, but remember that a true brand can not be a friend to all. You must determine your core ‘influencers’ and ‘adopters’ and make sure that all parts of your brand story resonate with these groups.

A brand can be conveyed in many ways, including through your office. Your office should tell it’s story and bring to life the brand values you have created.

One of the best ways that you can do this is to make your workspace a mirror of the people working in it.

How can your office reflect your brand?

Creating an office space that expertly reflects your brand starts by asking some core questions:

● What is our brand’s culture?
● Is our current space conducive to our employees delivering their brand promise?
● Does our office help us to attract the best talent and retain our current employees?
● Could we redesign our office space to increase efficiency and productivity among our workforce?
● Is our office acting as a barrier to conveying our brand message, or boosting our employee’s performance?

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, you should also ask your workforce — after all, who knows the extent to which your office affects your employees more than the employees themselves?

Your workforce should be the personification of your brand, if they’re able to feel your brand through their workspace, you know you’re doing something right.

Office design for your brand

When you look at office design for your brand, you should start to develop a priority platform.

These will be the things that you and your business value the most, in the order that they should be prioritised.

The things that you include on your priority platform could be things like:
● Thoughtful technology integrations for productivity and efficiency
● Use of graphics, colours to invoke a particular feeling
● Use of floors and ceilings to create a productive workspace
● Focus on sustainability, including recycling initiatives
● Selection of furniture to optimise space
● Levels of flexibility for working
● Space allocation — whether you want to include fixed desks or collaborative working stations
● Quiet time and areas for people to work independently
● Use of design lighting that supports circadian rhythms

All of these things will mean very different things to different businesses. Some won’t contribute as much to conveying your brand, whereas some may make all the difference in getting your employees and clients invested in your story.

In summary, you should aim to create a space where employees feel connected and invested in the brand.

Whether they are working in the office full-time, or only coming in for a couple of days a week, you want them to feel that they’re walking into a space that was uniquely made for them.

Experts in office design and refurbishment

If you want to refurbish or redesign your office to tell your brand story, we can help you out!

At SPACE, we’ve been designing and building offices since 2008 and know exactly what it takes to create a space that tells a story, while maximising productivity and morale.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you, our highly experienced team is trustworthy, dynamic and youthful — and always happy to offer support and guidance!