There seems to be a never-ending number of stressors that can affect us in the workplace – whether they’re personal, professional, or both!

As the nation’s workforce becomes more stressed-out than ever, it’s especially important to design our workplaces in a way that minimises stress and maximises wellbeing.

This month, we’re supporting #StressAwarenessMonth and focussing all our efforts on creating happy and healthy workplaces – after all, many of us spend most of our time here, so it should be a comfortable and safe space.

Why are we all so stressed?

The last few years have given everyone a lot to be stressed about and learning how to deal with these situations can often be difficult.

Although there are many things that can improve our mental health, it also comes down to employers and office designers.

Small changes in the office can make a big difference and turn a stressed-out employee into a relaxed, productive one.

How workplaces can adapt to help stressed-out workers

Whether you’re working on a new office, or making some tweaks to your current space, here are just a few things you can do to help your employees.

1. Improve access to nature

There are many well-researched links between green spaces and mental health well-being. Not only can access to nature reduce stress but it can also make staff more focused and productive.

Offices can add more plants, install plenty of windows, and let in as much natural daylight as possible to make employees feel more in touch with the world outside.

2. Create comfortable social spaces

We all crave social interactions – it’s one of our basic needs – and it shouldn’t be ignored in the workplace.

Provide spaces where employees can take a break from their busy day and create connections with their colleagues; this could be through a shared kitchen where people can sit and have a chat over a coffee, or a fun games room where people can take out their stress through a good game of ping pong.

3. Encourage collaboration

No one likes to feel like they’re stuck in a cubicle all day, so create rooms where people can come together and work collaboratively.

From large co-working spaces or separate meeting rooms, having alternative places to work in a team can be beneficial to people when they feel like they’re all alone.

4. Create a colourful and stimulating environment

Who wants to sit in a boring grey office all day? We know we wouldn’t!

Inject some colours to the walls, install some fun artwork, or buy some colourful ornaments to accessorise your spaces.

How to reduce stress this #StressAwarenessMonth

When you’re feeling stressed at the office, it can often feel like you can’t focus on anything else.

Here are some things you can do to calm down and refocus your energy:

● Take a break
● Move your body by going on a walk
● Take a few minutes to meditate and practice mindfulness
● Write down your feelings
● Talk to a colleague
● Listen to your favourite musician

If you need help battling workplace stress this month and you are thinking about ways to improve your office environment to promote well-being, talk to one of our office design specialists.