How Colour Psychology Affects Office Design: A Guide to Picking the Right Colour Scheme

Office design plays a significant role in employee productivity, happiness, and job satisfaction. An excellent office design involves more than just furniture and space planning; it also involves choosing the right colour scheme. Choosing the right colours can increase productivity, create a welcoming environment, and boost employee morale. Keep reading to understand the significance of […]

How to Bring Privacy into An Open Plan Office

The common trend in today’s workplace is to make everything open plan. This trend is making it easier for teams to work together, fosters collaboration, and can make the office a more comfortable place to live and work. However, this new trend isn’t the best for giving people some sense of privacy when they come […]

6 steps to creating a workspace that works for all

As employers, we all want our staff to come to the office and feel as productive as possible – after all, when our employees feel motivated and comfortable, they can produce much better work. Designing your office/workspace to boost this productivity is important, but it’s impossible to take a one-size-fits-all approach, as each of your […]

Sustainability: Is ‘We Would If We Could’ Good Enough in 2023?

By now, we all know the importance of sustainability. From an environmental perspective, at least. Globally, temperatures are rising, and even just a small two degree increase could have catastrophic, long term impacts in the near future. In the UK, we’re on a mission to limit the temperature increase by reducing greenhouse gases in the […]

Moving vs. Refurbishing Your Office: What’s More Cost Effective?

The world of work is changing rapidly. And as you may have already discovered, what’s worked for you in the past may not be delivering the same sort of results today. Perhaps you’ve introduced hybrid working, leading to empty desks around the office. Or maybe your collaborative, open spaces are failing to meet the needs […]

How Your Workspace Affects Company Culture

We’re in the midst of the ‘Great Resignation’. More people are leaving their jobs than ever before. This year alone it’s expected that 20% of workers will be handing in their notice and seeking new opportunities elsewhere. Practically every business across the country is struggling to hire and retain staff, with reports suggesting that only […]

How Can We Adapt Work Spaces to Support Neurodiverse Employees?

While neurodiversity was once thought to be relatively uncommon, as we learn more and more about how the brain works and how cerebral functions can vary, it’s estimated that as much as 40% of the population could be neurodivergent. Neurodiversity isn’t something we can see; it refers to different ways of thinking , driven by […]