‘Balance is not a women’s issue, it’s a business issue. The race is on for the gender-balanced boardroom, a gender-balanced government, gender-balanced media coverage, a gender-balance of employees, more gender-balance in wealth, gender-balanced sports coverage …

Gender balance is essential for economies and communities to thrive.’

Office Dogs!

So today we have both our lovely office dogs in! Moose and Bailey. One barks when he’s happy the other one drools when he sees food… but everyone loves having them around and it makes our office feel more homely! Having pets in the office apparently has been shown to reduce stress and make employees feel more relaxed and comfortable. A pet-friendly workplace tends to increase employee satisfaction and to improve morale. So Moose and Bailey can stay!

Space 10 years!

Last Friday we celebrated Space’s 10 year anniversary! 10 years of exciting projects, two beautiful offices in the New Forest and London and a lot of fun nights out!

Congratulations Steve, Sarah and Tom!


Space is very happy that Jordan and Des joined the team in the South! Jordan is now part of the Design Team and Des has embraced a new challenge and left the Projects Team to join Ben and Ben in the Project Finance Team. Exciting times!