VIVID are having their Portsmouth office completely refurbished! We are turning it into an exciting new space for an exciting new change within the business. Take a look through the timeline to see how their project is coming along.

Before the works begin...

Foyer area before the works begin...

Before the works begin...

Toilets before we begin the works!

Before the works begin...

Storage before we begin demolition.

Before the works begin..

An image of the office space before any works begin.

Before the works begin

An image of the tea point before the works begin.

Before the works begin...

An image of the toilets before we strip them out!

Before the works begin...

Before all of the demolition begins.

Before the works begin...

An image of all the meeting rooms before the demolition starts.


Demo works underway - ceiling grid including tiles, carpet removed and mechanical and electrical services stripped out.

Site Office

Site office is now in place ready for the project on the 4th floor!


Demolition and strip out of the ceiling has begun.

Welfare Area

More strip out and our temporary welfare setup.

Ceiling Strip Out

The ceiling has been stripped out!

Strip Out

Ceilings and flooring are exposed.

Skip Location

Skips are located in the car park with heras fencing to block them off during the demolition of the first phase.

Comms Room

Comms room is sealed off and partitions have been taken down.


A view of the space after all of the demolition.

Tea Point

Tea Point area after the strip out on the 4th floor.


A view of the space before the works begin.

Material Holding Zones

Material holding zones within the space on the fourth floor.


The ceilings have been taken out.


The ladies toilets have been stripped out.


The gents toilets have been stripped out.

Lift Landing

The landing with access to lifts.

Mechanical Baskets

Mechanical Baskets are being installed.


A lovely tidy site!

Cable Trays

The cable trays are being installed.

Mech Baskets

Mechanical baskets and insulated pipes to air handling units.


Pipework and air handling units being installed.

Ladies Toilets

Dot and dab plasterboard to walls.

Ladies Toilets

Coming together nicely...

Gents Toilets

The men's toilets are coming together!


Ductwork - 1st fix 90% complete!


First fix is 90% complete!

Site Office

Site office where our site team are based!

Site Office

Site office.

Ladies Toilets

Dot, dabbed and skimmed!

Site Images

Site is coming together nicely!

Site Images

Looking good!

Condenser Units

Out with the old - in with the new!

Condenser Units

Blue skies for the new condensers going in!


Lighting has been installed and turned on!


Partition wall built to house the folding wall to their boardroom

Glazing Track

Aluminium glazing track installed. Just waiting for the glass to be measured.

Low Level Wall

Low level wall has been built.

Fire Damper

The fire damper has been installed.


Tape and jointing and decorations to the toilets.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting has been installed.

Smoke Alarm

First fix of the smoke alarm is underway!


The face plates are installed and the data is punched down.


First coat of paint is on the walls!


New AC wall mounted unit in comms room is installed.


Walls are erect and decorated.

LED Lights

LED Round lights are installed.