7 Apr Change begins at home…

A few weeks in and are you, like me longing for a comfortable office chair and a small slither of space to call your own? Most of us are currently in a strange limbo of remote working; perching on the edge of our kitchen tables whilst our kids eat their cornflakes and whine about the lack of WIFI in the house! The pressure, on what can only be called a rudimental internet link coming into our house, has never seen so much demand…telephone conferences, video conferences and three children all vying for its magical powers whilst home learning (and playing Fortnite!) has been a test in itself! Thankfully it’s proved it’s actually up to the task in the most!

I should set the scene a little further at this point, and explain that I’m actually one of three Execs running two business’ from said kitchen table. My husband, Steve (another of the three within our Exec team) is currently sitting opposite me – our kitchen table has never been so well used or indeed, overloaded with paperwork, cables and an array of other office paraphernalia. 

Regardless of all the current chaos, we’re starting to get into the swing of things – often leading a merry dance; with our laptops and phones in hand, from one room to another to gain that much desired peace and quiet so we can concentrate on those all important conference calls we’re booked on to hour after hour. 

It’s intriguing and encouraging to see just how well our family has so quickly adjusted to working side-by-side on their individual tasks. I’m actually proud to say that after week one we’ve all survived in tact and without argument! Who knew!? I suspect it’s been made easier as we’ve been rigid about routine and taking regular breaks throughout the day –  10 minutes of bouncing on our trampoline is quite literally keeping us all buoyant! 

Our fondness for home-working after week one is slightly waning as the need for connection with our friends and colleagues is growing by the day. It’s certainly not what any of us would have chosen but there’s a lot to be said about embracing new challenges head on and taking what we can from new experiences. 

At the time of writing I’m certainly not against full-time home-working (ask me again in a few weeks!) but I am looking forward once again to a world where we’re free to connect with others on a face-to-face basis and where our homes are for home-life and our office workspace are for just that. 

Sarah O’Callaghan, Founder and Executive of SPACE and SCAPE