30 Mar It’s important to be comfortable…

At Space we’ve designed hundreds of imaginative workspaces over the years – all with their own unique identities. However the one thing they’ve all had in common is an array of fit-for-purpose areas throughout the space. Hives, havens, coves are all words that conjure up the idea of comfortable spaces within an office. Whilst we may not be in a fortunate position to utilise these at the moment, we can endeavour to identify specific rooms within our own homes and gardens that are comfortable for each task we undertake. Try to identify a space where it’s quiet to make calls, a room with a table or desk space for writing documentation and don’t forget a space for taking a break too – our wellbeing has never been as important! Take regular breaks and don’t forget to speak to your colleagues – video conferencing offers a great way of communicating with others within your organisation and allows us to see that people are still out there making us feel less isolated.

Our strapline has always been and will remain ‘Love Your Workspace’ and at SPACE we’re all looking forward to a world where we can physically integrate once more – if you’re feeling the same and are thinking about your future workspace and how you want it to work for you then why don’t you get in touch? We’re here to offer free advice with no obligation.

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